Smaart v9 India Tour : Bengaluru – September 2023.

Smaart v9 India Tour’s Bangalore Training Session is gonna be hosted by our friends at Sugandar House of Sound & Lights.

Smaart v9 India Tour’s 2023 leg will be done in a completely new format, where every attendee depending on their Experience and Expertise can choose to either attend a Standard 2 Day Fundamentals Training or a 3 Day Training format involving an additional and optional 3rd day of Subwoofer Configurations & Advanced Applications along with the 2 Days of Fundamentals Training.

The following topics will be covered in the 2 days of Fundamentals Training Session :

Smaart Fundamental’s Training Day 1 :
1)Introduction to Smaart.
2)Audio Fundamentals (Wavelength, Frequency, Period).
3)Single Channel Measurements.
4)I/O Configurations.
5)RTA, Spectrograph and their applications.
6)FFT : Fast Fourier Transform.
7)Making Sense of Phase : Part 1.
8)Comb Filtering.
9)Introduction to Transfer Function.

Smaart Fundamental’s Training Day 2 :
1)Making Sense of Phase : Part 2.
2)Magnitude, Phase, Impulse Response, Delay Tracking.
3)Transfer Function Config & Applications.
4)All about SPL.
5)Microphone Correction Curves.
6)Advanced Transfer Function Applications.
7)Mains to Sub alignment.

The following exercises will be done on the Optional 3rd day of Subwoofer Configuration & Advanced Applications :

Subwoofer Configurations & Advanced Applications :
1)Understanding Subwoofer behaviour.
2)Subwoofers in a Line.
3)Subwoofers in a Line : Delayed Arc.
4)Cardioid Subwoofers.
5)End Fired Subwoofers.
6)Advanced Applications : System Tuning & Alignment.

Training Dates : 3rd, 4th and 5th September, 2023.

Training Timings : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Training Venue : ABVE STUDIO

No.23, Khatha No.267/4,

Sri Sai Varshini Vilas Rd,

Horamavu Agara Main Rd, Off Kalkere, Banjara Layout,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043.

Google Location Link.

Training Fees :

2 Days Smaart Fundamentals Training fees : Rs.18000/- + 18% GST = Rs.21,240/-

2 Days Smaart Fundamentals + Day 3 of Subwoofer Configuration & Advanced Applications Training Fees : Rs.27000/- + 18% GST = Rs.31,860/-

Training Language : English

Add On Discounted Attendee License Options :

Every Attendee is entitled to get a 30% discount on purchase of Perpetual Licenses of any of the Smaart v9 Versions (within 90 days of training).

An extra 5% discount is applicable on purchase of License if booked before the end of training period. (i.e. Before 5th September).

Check out the Attendee Discounted License Prices below :

Repeat Offender Discount : If you have already attended any of my previous sessions and wish to attend again, it would be a pleasure to offer you a Rs.6000/- off on the training fees.

Prerequisites : The training is open to all interested persons. Prior measurement / system alignment experience is not required, but is helpful.

Here are a few more things you must Know :

  • Equipment List :
    1)Your laptop with a full version or a demo version of Smaart v9 installed on it.
    You may download the Demo version at this link :

2) Any Audio Interface, that works with your Laptop.

3) Any RTA/ Measurement Mic that you have access to.

4) Any necessary Cables (1/4 to 1/4 TS/TRS Cable, Small XLR Cable).

Note : Carrying the below mentioned equipment would be helpful in the learning process, however it isn’t absolutely mandatory to have them.
Also if you do not own any of this, my advice would be to attend the training and then take a call.

  • As this is going to be a hands on training, it is recommended that every one who owns a Smaart Measurement Rig (including Sound Card, Measurement Mic and necessary cables) carry it along with them, to make the learning process more productive. Again, It’s not mandatory, but recommended.

Note : For everyone who has enrolled for the Day 3 of On – Field Training, be prepared to get your hands dirty and lift those boxes.

In Case of queries about Reaching the venue and or places to stay nearby, you may get in touch with our Host Representative :
Mr. Prabhakar : +91 99457 44882.

Kindly Note : No Audio or Video recording of the session will be allowed.

Fill in the form below to register yourself :

Note : Kindly note that submitting the above form is mere registration. Your Seat will be confirmed only once complete payment for the same has been completed.

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