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SMAART Fundamentals + Practicum Session(Mumbai)!

The Following training session has been post-poned until further notice.

Considering the current confirmation of multiple positive cases of Corona Virus(COVID-19) in various parts of the country(esp. Delhi, Kerala, Telangana, Jaipur amongst others) and considering the risks involved , we have decided to postpone the dates for both the training sessions until it’s safe for everyone!

Until further notice, please take care of yourselves and your families & follow the  necessary precautions.

Stay Tuned! Stay Safe!

‘Smaart Fundamentals + Practicum Session’ is a 2 day training session, hosted by Lloyd Lee, Mumbai with me Dr. Rajesh Khade, A Rational Acoustics Certified Trainer as the Instructor.

Smaart India
Smaart Training Mumbai March 2020

This 2 day Smaart training will be an intensive training on various aspects of Smaart v8 followed by a complete hands on session to get you all set to start taking measurements and making informed on-field decisions.

The following topics will be covered in this 2 day Session :

Day 1 Agenda :
1)Audio Fundamentals (Wavelength, Frequency, Period, Comb Filtering).
2)FFT : Fast Fourier Transform.
3)Single Channel vs Dual Channel Measurements.
4)I/O Configurations.
5)RTA, Spectrograph and their applications.
6)Introduction to Transfer Function.
7)Magnitude, Phase, Impulse Response, Delay Tracking.
8)SPL Calibration and Measurment.
9)Microphone Correction Curves.

Day 2 Agenda
1)Making Sense of Phase.
2)Transfer Function Applications.
3)System Tuning.
4)Mains to Sub alignment.
5)Setting up Delay.
6)Practical hands on System Tuning and Alignment.
7)Q & A.

Training Date : 17th and 18th March 2020 : In English Language.

19th and 20th March 2020 : In Marathi Language.

Training Timings : 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Training fees : Rs.18000/- + 18% GST = Rs.21,240/-

Repeat Offender Discount : If you have already attended any of my previous sessions and wish to attend again, it would be a pleasure to offer you a Rs.6000/- off on the training fees.

Training Venue : Lloyd Lee Company, Unit no : 3/123, 1st Floor, 36A Mahal Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Opposite Apollo Industrial Estate, Gundavali Village, Andheri : East. Mumbai : 400093.

Smaart License Discount :  Every Attendee is entitled to get a 30% discount on purchase of New License of Smaart v8 New License.

Prerequisites : The training is open to all interested persons. Prior measurement / system alignment experience is not required, but is helpful.

For Practial Session : It will be beneficial, if you carry your own Soundcard, Measurement Mic and necessary connection cables for Day 2, to get you a step ahead in measurements.

The Registration for the above training has been postponed. However, if you are interested in attending upcoming Smaart Training Sessions, just drop in your details below.

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