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Date : 31st May 2018

Hello Everyone!

My name is Dr. Rajesh Khade. Yes!Yes! You read that right. The prefix that I have earned not by doing a PhD or something else, but by actually going to Medical School! I’m a proud Medico by profession. However ,that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my other hobbies and passion.

Well, can’t deny that genetics has a major role to play here! Being the son of a professional drummer, even before I could utter a legible word, I started playing drums.

Me Playing my Mini Drum Set!

I was exposed to the live music scene from my very childhood, when my dad used to take me to his shows and I would sit behind him observing him play and also unknowingly experiencing the entire sequence of other events happening.

Even during my Medical school days, I was always involved in all the cultural activities. I also played drums for my band. And it so happened that we were not exactly satisfied with how our art was communicated to the audience and even to us ,which got me into watching a lot of videos and reading literature on different live sound topics. All of that came really handy one fine day (which I’ll talk about some other time) and that is when I finally realised what my calling was. I wanted to be that person who connects the artist with its audience.

Just like any other conventional Indian family, my parents were delighted as to have a doctor in the midst. Even though I did do them proud, there was a certain sense of incompleteness in my thrill of achievements. I wanted to do something more. I wanted to be a ‘Live Sound Engineer’.

I came across ‘The Venue Certification Course’ conducted by Ansata, Bangalore with Niranjan Shivaram as the trainer.

Venue Certification with the people who marked a turning point in my life. From Left to Right : Paul D’Silva, Myself, Sailesh Kanojia, Niranjan Shivaram, Pruthvi Raj, Ajmal.

That was the turning point of my life! I realised there was a lot more to learn that just knowing the console and I wanted to know more. Having met Niranjan, I got introduced to ‘Audio Academy’ which in my experience, without a doubt is the ‘Best Live Sound Institute’ in India.

I took up a course at Audio Academy, Bangalore while still continuing my practise as a Doctor and also supervising my restaurant in Miraj, Maharashtra. Ooo, did I forget to mention that! Yes, I own and run a Fast Food Joint by name ‘Burger Point’ which serves some really delicious,mouth watering burgers. U guys should come, drop by some time.

Under the guidance of Niranjan, I underwent the ‘System Design and Alignment’ training at Audio Academy and had the immense pleasure of learning it, alongside some big names in the industry.

A pic that needs no introduction!

In the days to follow, I experimented with different PA configurations and different Sub configurations with the state of art equipment at our academy.

Experimenting with Inverted stack sub configuration at Audio Academy.

After having started as a freelance engineer, I realised how little importance is given to designing the system for the audience and how ignorant everyone is to even its existence! However, whenever possible I would rig up my gear and atleast get the system time aligned, with the knowledge I had.

While on the constant lookout for more knowledge I happened to realise that Meyer Sound and  ‘Bob McCarthy’ the man behind our ‘Green Bible’, the Holy Book for sound engineers ‘Sound Systems : Design and Optimization’ is conducting a course for the same in Berlin,Germany! There was no thinking twice about it! I had to be there! I had to!

It was an amazing experience being there with Bob and getting to know the intricacies of the system and having a lot of my doubts cleared, about everything i had read in the Green Bible.

System Design And Optimisation Certification at Berlin,Germany with Bob McCarthy.

I have come back with a lot more insight into the How’s, Why’s, What’s and the trade offs of Systems and i’m going to try to implement as much as I can with the system available at hand and make the best of it.

         A Quote from Bob McCarhy’s Book :

Regardless of what brand of speakers you use, physics will

always be physics, no matter what the sales rep tells you.

So, with all that I have learned at Audio Academy, from Niranjan Shivaram and Bob McCarthy, I’m starting on a journey to make the best of what is available and implement the limited knowledge I have and to continuously keep learning and to keep updating myself and find solutions and work arounds to the complex behaviour of our sound system.

Stay Tuned!



Dr.Rajesh Khade.

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