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Mackie CR4 – Review.

A few weeks back I did a Live Unboxing Video of the Mackie CR4 Multimedia Monitors on my YouTube Channel and I had mentioned that I’ll soon be posting a review of the same. So here we are with my personal opinion about them.

But firstly, if you haven’t seen the Unboxing video yet, here’s the video :

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So let’s get started with the review :

First let’s just hear them directly out of the box, the below video has audio playing from the CR4 recorded over a normal DSLR Camera.

Hear for yourself how they sound! Sound and Video recorded using a DSLR camera.

Yup!!It’s not a track over a video but the actual audio from the speakers in my room.

Set Up

Setting it up is a piece of cake and the multiple available Input Sources, makes your routing really easy.

To Connect my Soundcard for listening my mixes from DAW, I used the TRS cable connections at the back.

To play music from my Phone, I connected my phone using the 3.5mm to 3.5mm Cable (included in the box), at the front panel input of the Main Speaker.

And also as mentioned in the unboxing video, because of the Left / Right selectable switch on the main speaker, I placed my Main speaker on my right side and then just put the switch to Right. This is one feature which really impressed me.

Listening Experience

I had it on continously for hours, listening to my favourite playlist at a decent volume, and I had nothing to complain about.

In the past I have experienced some kind of headache or fatigue after a while listening to monitors. But listening to the Mackie CR4 is a very comfortable experience.

Also the Stereo Seperation is one thing that immediately catches your attention, and is definitely something that will appeal to the listener inside you.

Sound Quality

High Frequency Response : I really like the HF response and seems to be very balanced.

Mid Response : The Mids also sit very well and sound good.

Low Response : To be really honest, I was quite surprised with the low end reponse from the CR4, as for monitors of this size one normally does not get a decent low end, but the low end on Mackie CR4 is really impressive for the size and the price too.

Smaart Test

Mackie CR4 Smaart Test
Mackie CR4 undergoing the Smaart Test

I tested the speaker’s response using Smaart and here Is what it looks like.

Mackie CR4 Measurement. Red Trace : Right Side, Blue : Left Side.

Note : The Above Magnitude response is with no Smoothing.

The entire frequency spectrum is within a good ±6db range, with a slight bump around 120Hz, and it really goes well till 70 Hz, below which it dips which is kind of expected of them.

I then measured the other speaker too, and the other speaker also measures the same, which is really really great.

Was really impressed that both the speakers have such identical response, especially at this price point.

Looks and Built

They look really sleek and the greens just added a little bit of depth to my setup and went pretty well with the green theme of the Mackie Pro Fx10v3 Mixer.

The wood texture gives it a really high end feel.


If you are a beginner looking for great sounding budget monitors for your home studio setup, you won’t regret going for this.

You can mix majority of your tracks with great accuracy. Or if you just wanna listen to music with better accuracy or Enjoy your movies and games with really great sound.

However, if you are someone who is into EDM Music and is looking for a deep bass response, you will have to consider either adding a Sub woofer or going for a monitor with bigger driver size, like the 8 inch driver size monitors.

Thumbs Up for the Mackie CR4!

To Conclude, I would definitely go on to say that Mackie’s claim that

“Affordable never sounded so good”

is indeed true!

A Big Thumbs Up to the Mackie CR4 from my side!

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