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The DynaTech DIGI24 : An Affordable BEAST!

Earlier this week, I received a package and I posted a status showing this console as what came out of the box, with the its name masked! This was followed by a lot of questions and messages inquiring about the details.

So, presenting ‘The DynaTech DIGI24’ which I have come to call : An Affordable BEAST!

I received this console for Review and Demo and have been using it extensively for the past few days. I have been trying and testing out it’s features and I must say that I’m really impressed!

If I had to sum up my opinion about the DIGI24 in a few lines, then I would say :

Value for your Money :

For almost the same amount that one spends on buying a decent analog console, one can now enjoy the perks of having a Digital Console. So, basically ‘More Features‘ and ‘More Control’ at your fingertips, without burning a hole in your pocket.

The myriad of features that the DIGI24 comes packed with is just mind blowing! There is no other piece of gear in the market, that provides the same functionality of a DIGI24 at the same price point.

Listing a few features of DIGI24 :

  • 24 Mic/Line Inputs.
  • 8 Aux Buses.
  • 2 Fx buses.
  • 12 DCA’s.
  • Every Input Channel with Gain, Phantom, Polarity, Delay, LPF and HPF with adjustable filter topology, 4 Band Parametric Eq, Compressor, Gate, Pan, Main Assign On/Off.
  • Every Output with Delay, LPF and HPF with adjustable filter topology, Compressor, 4 Band Parametric Eq, 31 band Graphic Eq.
  • 12 + 1 Motorized Faders.
  • Touch Screen.
  • A lot more features like remote control via IPad/PC, USB Connectivity, etc.
The DynaTech DIGI24 : An Affordable BEAST!
DynaTech DIGI24: Rear View.

All of the above features and more for Less than A Lakh!

I think this would make a good Entry Level Console for vendors to get into the digital domain by being in their budget, and thus help to make that shift towards the digital realm!

Now, this was all about Budget and being Entry Level!

But there’s one thing that caught my attention and is a Super Amazing Feature even for those already owning the bigger consoles : The Dante Module for DIGI24!( I’m just so obsessed with Dante🤪😜)

DIGI24 : Dante Compatible.

The DynaTech DIGI24 : An Affordable BEAST!
DynaTech DIGI24: Dante Module.

DIGI24 is Dante Compatible and is capable of doing 32 Channels of Input and Output!

DIGI24 : A choice for Corporate Events :

I personally feel this would be a great option for corporate events where one can just run everything via Dante as most of the Recent Digital Microphones and In-Ears are all Dante Enabled, thus reducing the number of XLR’s to carry and also leading to a much cleaner setup in a smaller footprint.

DIGI24 : For Recording, Playback and Virtual Soundchecks :

Being Dante compatible just opens up a lot of options :

  • Record User Selectable Input channels by activating Dante Direct Out on them.
  • Enable Dante Inputs on User Selectable Input Channels and use it for Playback and thus can also be used for Virtual Soundchecks.

I’ll stop for now and let this sink in!This is just a brief overview and I’ll be diving deeper into individual features along with the GUI of the console.

  • DynaTech DIGI24 : For ₹97,000/- (Inclusive of GST).
  • DynaTech DIGI24 : For ₹97,000/- (Inclusive of GST).

To Conclude : The DynaTech DIGI24 is not just a Budget Digital Console for the Upcoming Vendor but also sits in perfectly within the inventory of a seasoned player!

I’m definitely adding this up to my inventory, especially for my training sessions. Can already imagine the fun I’ll be having with it!

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